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  • STRATEGIC PLAN 2019-2022

    Strategic Plan 2019-2022

    Plan was developed after extensive feedback from department staff and observations from its leadership. This Plan is designed to focus the Department’s resources on areas that are most critical to the successful implementation of the ADOC’s mission.. Reading & Download »


    Strategic Plan For Fiscal Years 2018 – 2022

    Interior FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan Page 5. United States Continental Shelf Boundary Areas . National Geophysical Data Center, Sep 2001 . The DOI’s programs encompassed in this Strategic Plan cover a broad spectrum of activities that are performed by 10 bureaus and multiple offices and are captured in the following presentation of. Reading & Download »

  • 2018–2022 STRATEGIC PLAN

    2018–2022 Strategic Plan

    strategic plan, several cross-cutting objectives and initiatives were developed that may appear in more than one strategic goal. A consolidated version of the 2018–2022 Strategic Framework is …. Reading & Download »

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